About us

Way back in the mid nineteen eighties at which time I was in my teenage years. I found myself wanting and needing a part time job for the school holidays. At home we had a dog, a lovely Border Collie cross called “Laddie”. 

He was a great family pet and many a day I shared with Laddie just strolling through the beautiful local countryside, enjoying the countless benefits only a four legged friend can give you.

So I really felt that I wanted to work with animals, and managed to get myself a few hours at the local dog kennels. Well I loved it!!! The days I was working were always over too soon and although I shouldn’t have, I just used to hate it when the dogs would go home. I just felt so attached and connected to them, and all their brilliantly individual personalities. Okay so I know that I was still at school, but already I knew that one day, dogs would be my life. 

So as I say I already knew that dogs would be a big part of my life, but how did I get  from “Laddie” to being wrapped up and surrounded by Beagles? 


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