Food & Nutrition

Like many breeds The Beagle can if unchecked be prone to putting on a few extra pounds, and Beagles generally love their food, some would say more than most other breeds. Now whether that is correct or not, well that is a matter of opinion.

However as a matter of fact it is very importantant to not only excercise your dog appropiately, depending upon its age and condition, but also to provide your dog with the correct diet and food to help achieve and sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle throughout the dogs life.

So where do you start? There are many brands of dog food out there, some of which claim to be the best for your dog. All of whom are wanting a large slice of the market share. After all we Brits are a dog loving nation are we not?, and spend lots and lots on our faithful four legged friends. 

Well for us here at Lemoncroft it was an easy decision in the end, and here is why. When we completed our research and spoke to numerous other dog people and not just Beagle people or breeders, but vets, practice nurses, the shop keepers, stockists and of course looked closely ourselves at exactly what we were feeding our much loved dogs. The vital and sometimes over looked, very important ingredients, then there was and still is a clear winner for us.

Royal Canin.