The Beagle

The Beagle is without question a truly special dog, with a personality simply second to none. They are not only a glorious sight upon the eye, but have a personality that you just can’t beat. Playful and happy, clever whilst mischievous, energetic and alert, curious yet loyal and loving.

However, please be under no illusion of any kind. Beagles are always to some varying degree one way or another, a very demanding dog! If you are considering owning a Beagle then we would urge you to fully research our wonderful breed, as only then will you know if this hardy little dog is for you.

The Beagle like many dogs thrives in and requires company. They have a need to keep their minds occupied, and require a firm but fair owner. All Beagles will need to know their place within your family or household, and if you already have other dogs in your home then you must allow the dogs to find their natural pecking order, within the pack.