Zoe Gladwin

Have you viewed our gallery page yet? If you have, like the photos of our wonderful dogs?

Well as much as we would love to take the credit for taking them, we can’t because it was Zoe Gladwin of Gladwin Photography who caputured our little treasures on camera.

I have always held the belief that everything happens for a reason, and finding Zoe was no exception. We had gone to a favourite spot of ours by the coast and as you do (or we do at least) thought we’d have a drink and a bite to eat at a good old fashioned pub in the countryside.

Once there we noticed a poster for a “Dog Portrait Day” in a couple of weeks time. Perfect we thought, as we were looking for a photographer to capture those moments that very often only a professional can. 

So a couple of weeks later off we went to the coast again, this time though for the dog portrait day, and well as you can see it went brilliantly! Zoe just got it, she understood what we wanted to do and achieve, and she really understood the dogs too. Nothing fazed Zoe, she was patient with the dogs and really listened  to where we were coming from, nothing seemed to be a problem for her. In fairness Zoe was as determined as we were to get that perfect picture, whilst keeping it natural. After all dogs should be dogs, happy and enjoying themselves no matter what the environment. They certainly enjoyed being in front of the camera, as you can see!

Zoe offers a wide range of services including dog portraits by hand, photography of course and is often appointed the official photographer at many dog shows!

We would highly recommend Zoe and it has been a pleasure working with her. All of us here at Lemoncroft are looking forward to our next photo shoot, not least of all “Holmes”, “Watson” and of course “Tequila”!

Zoe can be contacted through…..